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Did you ever wish that your phone had the screen the size of a TV? Ever wanted to play your mobile games the way you would through your console? What if you could binge-watch your beloved TV show, then play a mobile game, and finally sort through your holiday pictures all in one screen? Seems either impossible or too expensive? But it’s not! TVFix Caster is here to help you out. This small device is part of the revolution that is rolling in to change your habits.

TVFix Caster can link to all of your devices and display them on TV, no cable or Smart function needed. From mobile games to music playlists, and from streaming services to your own home videos – everything can be ready for your viewing. All in one – plain and simple.

What makes TVFix Caster so special?

Just like any modern gadget, TVFix Caster is here to make your life easier. If you ever wished to take your daily entertainment over a wide-screen medium, then here is your chance. With this small device, you can have cable and Smart TV without actually purchasing them. Once TVFix Caster is plugged into your TV’s HDMI port, you can connect multiple devices to it, and stream Netflix, YouTube, your mobile games and apps, personal media, like pictures or videos, fast and simple. Not to mention – in HD audio and video quality. Whether you want to play your game console, link your laptop to slideshow your holiday pictures, play a mobile game over a big screen, or connect with your friends on Snapchat like never before, just plug in TVFix Caster and have it all on your TV screen. And did we mention that it’s completely safe? Any device you link is securely protected, and no one will be able to track what you do. So feel free to explore all-new streaming possibilities with TVFix Caster!

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